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For those who wish to try how easy it is to generate animated statistics!
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  • What components are there?

    Currently there are 3: Text, Bar Chart, and Line chart. We will add more based on user feedback. We look forward to making exciting animated stats that you will need

  • It seems like I can only generate up to 3 components for any one output?

    Oh no, You can generate as many per gifs / video. However, the more you add, the more powerful your computer need to be since they are rendered in your browser

  • What would I need to do now?

    Create an account. Try it out. If you like it, there will be a checkout button in the page that lets you generate your gifs / videos

  • I typed in my email but nothing seems to happen?

    A link has been sent to your email. Tap on that link and you will be redirected into the app. Then let it rip and make your animated stats!

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